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If you do not have an AM Stereo radio yet, you can still get to hear what AM Stereo sounds like, through your computer, by downloading and playing the following MP3 sound files. Any computer made in the past six years or so with multimedia sound capabilities should be able to play these MP3 files. All you need is a program that plays MP3 sound files. For DOS users, I recommend MPXPLAY. For Windows users, almost everybody uses "WinAmp", but I personally recommend WinPlay3, because it is much easier to use than WinAmp. (WinPlay3 available for all versions of Windows from 3.1 to present.) Apple Macintosh users are not left out because there is also a Mac version of this program available at the same web site!

Now, with an MP3 player set up and running on your computer, you can download and play any of the MP3 sound clips of AM Stereo that are listed below. After the file name, you will see the file size (in kilobytes) listed... the larger files will take a while to download, but they are worth it!

After the file size, the brand and model number of the AM Stereo-capable radio that was used to make the recording is listed. For more information on these radios, go to the excellent listing of AM Stereo radios, with photos! Finally, after the radio type, you will see the date when the recording was made.

Please note that many of these MP3 files are "scoped"; that is, parts of the actual broadcast have been cut out, so that you can hear a better example of what the station sounds like without having to sit through a whole song or a set of commercials. Of course, this also means that the file is shorter and therefore takes less time to download. Enjoy!

Featured AM Stereo MP3 Recordings

The following are MP3 sound clips of AM Stereo stations that have been selected for their combination of exceptional high fidelity sound and small file size. This gives you a good selection of quickly-downloaded AM Stereo recordings to choose from, to give yourself a very effective presentation of the quality that AM Stereo has to offer, on a wide variety of stations and programming formats. Experience the AM Stereo Advantage!

660 WFAN (New York, NY) Sports Talk:
wfan.mp3 - 236 kB - Realistic TM-152 - March 2002

850 WREF (Ridgefield, CT) Oldies:
wref.mp3 - 662 kB - Sony SRF-A1 - February 2002

920 WMNI (Columbus, OH) Adult Standards:
wmni-fil.mp3 - 375 kB - Carver TX-11a - July 2001

930 WPAT (Paterson, NJ) Multicultural:
wpat.mp3 - 98 kB - Sony SRF-A100 - spring 2001

960 CHNS (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) Oldies:
chns.mp3 - 525 kB - Sony ST-JX220A - March 6, 1997

1030 WBZ (Boston, MA) News/Talk:
wbz-traf.mp3 - 218 kB - Sony SRF-A100 - August 2001

1110 KFAB (Omaha, NE) Full Service:
kfab.mp3 - 812 kB - Sony SRF-A100 - December 1985

1340 CJLS (Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada) Contemporary Hits:
cjls-id.mp3 - 940 kB - Sony SRF-A100 - August 2001

1450 WCTC (New Brunswick, NJ) News/Talk:
wctcmari.mp3 - 760 kB - Sony SRF-A100 - December 2000
wctcsprt.mp3 - 702 kB - Ando SS-100 - December 2000
wctc9-11.mp3 - 793 kB - Ando SS-100 - September 11, 2001

1600 WWRL (New York, NY) Urban Contemporary:
wwrl-mix.mp3 - 703 kB - Sony SRF-A100 - July 10, 2000

1630 KCJJ (Iowa City, IA) Contemporary Hits:
kcjj-cc.mp3 - 412 kB - with Chris Cuff! - April 7, 2000

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